Olympic Hopefuls

Olympic Dreams..........Inspired Athletes!
This is a letter requesting help for some very deserving athletes. To achieve Olympic dreams takes teamwork. Chris Knierim (age 19) and Brynn Carman (age 12), are a local pair skating National team right here in Colorado Springs and they would be honored to be supported by you.
They are pewter medalists from the National Championships in 2007 and have a goal of winning this next National Championship, but they need your help!
The costs for both families are extraordinary and so they have started a website and are asking for sponsors ot help them achieve their dreams. Chris and Brynn do a triple twist, which has only been done by 9 teams in the United States right now and as a novice pair team for the 07-08 season, they are the only team in the Nation to complete this element. They have completed a quad twist on the floor and it has never been done in the world yet to date. Their potential is astounding!
You can be a part of their dreams...by supporting them!!!
Chris works very hard as an automotive technician and Brynn is in school and hopes to be a doctor but before they continue those life dreams they are hoping to be the future for the United States to win a medal in Pairs at the Olympic Games.
To pay for their costumes this year they need to raise about $3300.00 in the next two weeks. Their costs are travel and lessons. Your tax deductible donation will go 100% to supporting this team, and you can donate on the website or by contacting them by email and it will personally be picked up by them. They would be happy to advertise your generous support on their website as well as carry your logo on bags or shirts. They would be happy to meet you and discuss their needs and how you can help them!
They often skate at the World Arena's Fire and Ice on Fridays or Saturdays and if you contact them at the email below, you can find out their schedule and actually come watch them skate and meet them in person.
We thank you in advance for your support!

Email Chris and Brynn

Chris & Brynn's website